Next to my keynote speaking, I regularly host or facilitate conferences (in English or Dutch). For example the EIM conference for CIO’s, the 50th anniversary celebration event of CJP or the Indiebrands Indie food event.

The key ingredients of the way I moderate:

  • loads of interactivity
  • a healthy dose of humour
  • strict time keeping

“Thimon was our chairman at the EIM2012 and 2013 conferences. He introduced all speakers in a very vivid way and conducted a live satellite interview with Julian Assange (in 2012). His refreshing approach gave the entire conference a light feeling although serious matters were discussed. The Assange interview was an absolute highlight of the day. Thimon managed to get the presentation flowing and his mild interruptions allowed the conference attendees to ask direct questions via satellite to mr. Assange. Thimon was “acting on his feet”, he was really in the moment and had a sharp eye for audience satisfaction during the entire day. Will hire him again!”
Paul Baan, director – Incentro

“Thimon did a great job as moderator for the symposium at CJP’s anniversary. He’s involved, well-prepared, interested and trust-worthy. With his good sense for timing, relaxed style of presenting and dry humour, he’s capable of interacting with the audience.”
Ester Serano, marketing & communications manager – CJP

“Thimon is an excellent host. He is well-informed, professional and caters to the needs of both speakers and audience, which is a tricky task at best. He creates an open and positive environment, which forms the basis of a good panel discussion or session. At the same time he remains in total control, making sure the debate is on topic and that speakers don’t run over. All in all, a joy to work with!”
Anneloes van Gaalen, owner, Indie Brands